Do I Need Planning Permission To Build A Garden Room?

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The approval required for construction, expansion, significant renovation, and sometimes even for demolition is known as planning permission or developmental approval. This authorization is usually granted in the form of a construction or building permit.

So, when it comes to building a garden room, do you need planning permission? Well, most of the time, no!

We, at, help you build your own fully insured and eco-friendly garden rooms! To us, it’s not, just work — we take pride in each garden office, garden gym, or any other custom garden room we build!

But before you get going on with hiring professionals to help design your garden rooms, there are a few things you need to consider. Let’s have a look at them:

What Are The Rules Concerning Planning Permission In The UK?

It is imperative that you conform to the planning permission rules, otherwise you may have your garden room removed!

What the rules are regarding planning permission for garden rooms is one of the most-asked questions to us.

Luckily, the rules are quite straightforward and easygoing. Most people can have a garden room built without the need for planning permission.

On the whole, the majority of households in England, Scotland, and Wales have permitted development rights. Meaning the rules grant permission for minor developments without the obligation to apply for full, formal planning permission.

Additionally, the rules are unambiguous and quite simple to follow. So long as you don’t intend on using the garden room for permanent residence, living, or accommodation you won’t be subjected to meet building regulations or seek planning permission.

Do I Have The Permitted Development Rights?

We’ve mentioned above that most people in England, Scotland, and Wales have permitted development rights. However, there’s more to that.

The people residing in flats, maisonettes, and listed buildings do NOT have permitted development rights. This also includes those who own the occupancy to the flat, or block of flats.

Aside from that, some households may be constrained by an article 4 direction, which may restrict their permitted development rights. 

The article 4 direction is sometimes put in place by the authorities to prevent further development in already overdeveloped plots. To know if your house comes under the article 4 direction, look for related information in your deeds or from the local council.

That said, the vast majority of homes across the UK will have fully permitted development rights.

Can I Build My Garden Room Anywhere In My Land?

Depending on the area of your residence, there can be a slight difference in the permitted development rules that may apply to your estate.

Any garden rooms built at the front of your house will invariably require planning permission.

And, unless you reside in a “conservation” area or an area of “outstanding natural beauty/national park,” you can also have the garden room built to the side of the house.

In an area of outstanding natural beauty/national park, any garden rooms you build must be within 20m of any part of your house. If you build them further than 20m, you can’t construct more than a total of 10sq m, including existing structures that are further than 20m from your home.

Without Needing Planning Permission, What Can I Use My Garden Room For?

As described in the planning permission documents, a garden room is to be used as a means of enjoyment, recreation, or occasional lodging, but not for permanent sleeping accommodation.

In simpler terms, it means that you can use a garden room as your home office, in-home gym, play den for kids, or art studio. However, using it as an additional room for your grandparents, a holiday rental, or your teen kid’s bedroom is not allowed.

Eco Space Co: Your One-Stop Source for Everything Garden Rooms!

If you’re in the minority of the people that need planning permission to build a garden room, don’t be discouraged! At not only do we help you in building the garden room of your dreams, but we also assist you in obtaining the planning permission required to do so.

In case you feel like going through all the legal intricacies of obtaining the planning permission yourself, we will equip you with the design and CAD drawings of the elevations to help you get it.

What’s more, we don’t charge you anything extra besides the expenses for the design, and should your planning permission application be rejected, you will be refunded entirely!

Furthermore, if you want the complete process taken care of, you’re going to be so glad you found us! Our full garden room planning services guarantee to deliver results, laid on the foundations of our expertise and experience.

Through, the process of obtaining the planning permission is effortless and convenient. And so is the entire ordeal of getting built the garden room that you want, exactly as you want it!

Don’t let the prospect of planning permission knock the stuffing out of the garden room of your dreams! Take the first step by getting in touch with us today, and your future self will thank you.

All in All…

Building most garden rooms do not normally demand getting planning permission, as they come under the permitted development rules under class E.

In other words, most households have pre-approved planning permission as long as the garden room is built subject to some restraints and conditions.

The most important determinants are:

  • If you plan on building a garden room towards the front of your house, you will always need planning permission.
  • If your residence is in an AONB (Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty) or a National Park, you can’t build garden rooms to the side of your plot — a planning permission application for such constructions is likely to be rejected.
  • Planning permission rules disallow the height of a garden room to be more than 2.5m from the bottom of the building to the top of the roof.
  • The planning permission rules forbid you from taking up more than 50% of your garden area with this, or any other construction.
  • Lastly, you can’t use your garden room for living or sleeping accommodation.

Let’s have a look at why garden rooms are an essential part of a home.

Why garden rooms are worth it?

Garden rooms increase the value of your property. The extra square footage means additional living space. Furthermore, if the property is put for sale, then the extra space is counted as a luxury.

Do you need permission to build a garden room?

This construction rarely needs permission. However, we also provide a complete planning service for the permission process if required.


Many Garden rooms give a vibe of grandeur and magnificence. These criteria are achieved by converting your house into an ideal home.  The addition of garden rooms will not only add beauty but will generate revenue if you rent out the extra space created.

Apart from this, you can benefit from our customized designs, so feel free to drop us a message. Fill in the details on the website’s contact page, and we will promptly contact you.

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