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Have you ever wondered what your home would be like with a garden room? In what ways could you transform your home while adding space? Well, the answer is quite easy. The combination of the serene privacy and the practicality of a garden room will give a picturesque status to the home. It will not only add charm and character but the garden room can be used as a multi-functional space designed for various purposes. Here at Eco Space Co, we offer custom design and affordable sustainable luxury, within an affordable budget. We loving create a garden room specifically tailored to meet the demands of the occupant’s unique lives.

Let’s have a look at why garden rooms are an essential part of a home.

What is a garden room?

A garden room is a separate building often found in the back garden although sometimes a garden room can be attached to part of the house. It is fully insulated and electrically powered to provide all the usual creature comforts. Furthermore, garden rooms are made of wood and are installed with doors and windows for sunlight and ventilation. The ideal place to build it in the garden is determined by the owners according to the user’s requirement, though often, it is constructed at the back of the house in a less used area of the garden.

Uses of garden room:

A garden room, by name, is assumed as another place away from the house, but they are used for a variety of purposes.

  1. A garden room is a great place to socialize. You can convert the ideal space into a vintage gaming arcade or some other form of games room.
  2. A Garden room can be used as a personalized spa palace. Why not include a hot tube and relax ion the bubbles. You can invite a friend or two and have a great day relaxing. Or, you can pamper yourself without any noisey kids running around distubiung you.
  3. It is also a great place to do meditate. Building a yoga studio gym room can save you time and money.
  4. Many people prefer working from home, epecically these days. The garden room is ideal for that. Paint it in various colours of your choice and create the perfect working environment away from distractions and you will find you have one easy stessfree comute.
  5. Furthermore, the garden room is perfect to create a room new memories. Creating a family room or kids play space can save all the mess that having fun entails from ever entering the kitchen. No more toys cars underfoot to test your ability to stay calm. Hang family pictures and frames to preserve the memories of the years as they go by.
  6. Additionally, you can invite friends and family for dinner and enjoy the alfresco stly dinning, open up the bifolds and let the garden become your home fro home.
  7. Moreover, it can be utilized as a room for pool parties if you have a pool or hot tub.

Why garden rooms are worth it?

Garden rooms increase the value of your property. The extra square footage means additional living space. Furthermore, if the property is put for sale, then the extra space is counted as a luxury.

Do you need permission to build a garden room?

This construction rarely needs permission. However, we also provide a complete planning service for the permission process if required.


Many Garden rooms give a vibe of grandeur and magnificence. These criteria are achieved by converting your house into an ideal home.  The addition of garden rooms will not only add beauty but will generate revenue if you rent out the extra space created.

Apart from this, you can benefit from our customized designs, so feel free to drop us a message. Fill in the details on the website’s contact page, and we will promptly contact you.

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