Our Process

Design and Prepare

Hi, I’m Doug and I will most likely be the first person your speak to when you contact us, I can’t wait, when we first meet we will sit down and discuss your vision for the garden room you have in your mind, we look at the logistics of the space and assess your practical needs and wants. Together we then work out what will best suit your lifestyle and your budget going forward.
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Your Vision

When we first meet we discuss your vision for the garden room you have in mind, we look at the logistics of the space and assess your practical needs and wants. Together we then sit down and work out what will best suit your lifestyle, your budget and your garden.

Project Commencement

Environment Saving Base

The use of concrete results in high CO2 emissions and heavy water usage, 20kg of CO2 is released just in the making of one cement bag let alone the future damage if the concrete is ever moved and not to mention the distribution to the ground that concrete sits in.
That’s why, where possible, we use ground screws they are environmentally friendly, Reusable and made from 70% Recycled Galvanised Steel. They sit above the ground ensuring that the damp that can occur from having a concrete base is no longer a problem.
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Zero Waste Walls, Super Acoustic Properties

SIPs buildings are more environmentally responsible, energy-efficient, strong, quiet and draft-free than the majority of traditional construction methods.
 Insulation is injected between 2 sheets of OSB leaving no scope for poor areas of insulation or cold spots, and creating zero waste.
The panels are individually constructed off-site helping to speed up your build and eliminate any wastage.
Over this, we add wooden spacers to hide your electrics and then add your choice of wall covering, often plasterboard and plaster to finish. 

A+ Energy Efficient Windows and Doors

When you choose your door,  you also reduce your CO₂ emissions by consuming less energy to heat your home. And that’s not the only environmental benefit. We ensure our suppliers offer an environmentally friendly manufacturing process. 
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Replenish-able Flooring

One of our favourite types of flooring is Bamboo. Bamboo is a regenerating grass so it grows much faster than hardwood trees, making it more sustainable and environmentally friendly. Flooring made from bamboo is a dimensionally stable product, meaning that it reacts to fluctuating temperature and humidity, so can be used with underfloor heating and floated over an underlay. Bamboo flooring is available in a variety of grains, patterns, colours and finishes.

British Cladding:

Its weather-resistant qualities, FSC approval and long lifespan make British Western Red Cedar cladding a perfect cladding material. Combine all that with its low impact on the environment and it is one of the most attractive and sustainable materials available. 
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Recycled Rubber Roof

 Greenpeace, put EPDM recycled rubber roofing membranes at the top of their rankings of low impact membranes. This ranking was based on EPDM’s environmental sustainability due to its extended lifespan and its 100% re-usability.

Optional Extras

Green or Living Roofs:

We offer a number of choices of roof covering to compliment the design and use of your building, one of these is green roofing.
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Eco Space Garden Rooms underfloor-heating Our materials

Energy Saving Underfloor or Skirting Board Heating:

When radiators are placed at the sides of rooms they are not known to be efficient at heating large spaces. The majority of the heat stays around the radiator. The heat will eventually flow upwards and away from the area, you want to heat. As underfloor heating heats the entirety of your room, there are no cold spots and the heat is dispersed evenly.
Underfloor heating can retain heat for a good length of time after switching it off.
The even distribution of heat also allows a room to heat up more quickly and stay warm. While radiators have to work hard and burn through more energy to increase the temperature in a room, the large surface area that underfloor heating covers make the task easier and quicker. Once a room is up to temperature, less energy needs to be used to maintain that temperature.
The air that is circulated from underfloor heating is cleaner than the air pushed around by radiators. Along with warm air, radiators push around moisture. Having moisture in the air can result in damp and mould forming, reducing the air quality of your home environment.
As an eco-friendly heating system, underfloor heating is an excellent option.

VOC Free Paints

Now, all of our paints are not only classed as Minimal or Low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) but far exceeds the standard for those categories.
VOCs are the culprits behind the strong smell of some traditional paints, a result of pollutants being released into the atmosphere as the paint dries. By contrast, our low odour finishes don’t release any nasty fumes, giving you a finish that’s safe, comfortable to apply and live with, and kinder to the environment.
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Eco Log Burners

In 2022 all wood burning stoves will have to be SIA Eco Design Ready. Here at Eco we have been offering our customers the Eco ready option since 2015. Our local twin company Eco Log Burners Ltd has been the local go-to experts for many years when it comes to sustainable and clean-burning stoves. 
From modern to traditional there is an eco stove that will work for you.
Alternatively, if the flicker of real flames isn’t your thing we offer electric versions that will make your space really stand from the crowd.

Enjoy Your Garden Room!

You now have your very own Eco Space!

Your new space is now ready to enjoy for years to come. Not only will your new retreat expand your livable space but it will add value to your property when it comes to moving. Plus you will no doubt get that happy feeling that comes from knowing your little extra space is in harmony with those we share the planet with. 
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